Nashville for People Who Hate Country

A travel review. A confession. Not a recant.

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Nashville, Tennessee. Photo by Joshua Ness.

What I Found That I Didn’t Expect

The Music, First

I’ll admit it was a curious — and strangely inspiring — evening.

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Music simply saturates this city, and it’s offered with ample volume and heart.

My Conclusion

It Might Have Been the Atmosphere

If you’re like me, the music may not draw you there but the whole experience, ignited by your curiosity, is sure to make an indelible impression and give you something to talk about — or hum about — for years to come…and quite possibly, draw you back.

I’m already looking forward to our next trip.

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The author sampling it all at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant, Franklin, Tennessee — where Mac ’n’ Cheese is a vegetable. (The waitress told me so.)

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Life writer. Believer. Keeping it real {to make it better}.

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