A Busy Person’s 11-Minute Guide to Making the Most of Time

With 18 ways to make time now.

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The Principle is the Thing

Like you, I’m eager for personal improvement. I listen to inspiring experts and mentors often. I have goals that literally thrill me, delivering charge when I accomplish forward movement, or when I revisit the vision for how I want to be or what I want to create and accomplish.

Principle #1 : There is only so much time.

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Principle #2: Worry is a thief we hire to steal our joy.

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Principle #3: *I* Make My Way

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  • Rest is also what we want. It comes because of growth. Genuine rest is restorative.
  • Renewal is our choice, our “waymaking station.” It’s where we begin again, where we determine to live our new day better than the one before — even if in the smallest of ways.

The Application: Making Time

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  • low-value scrolling online
  • social media when tired or bored
  • complaining just to complain, not to uncover or create a solution

The Poster by My Mirror Now

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Finished and Beginning

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